Thursday, July 03, 2014

Week Two: Puppy Update!

Video credit: My dad (taken late last week)

Hello, my friends!

Kijah's puppies are now two weeks old. Many of them now have their eyes open or are showing signs of it. They are quite active, crawling around searching for Kijah. Three of them (all at different times) have even managed to climb out of the whelping box and onto the ground--no idea how that happened. They still nurse frequently, though not as often as a week ago. And they are sleeping through the night now waking only about 3-4 times a night, instead of every 30-60 minutes. There are six females and four males. Several of them have a faint white "star" on their forehead from Toby.

The puppies have had many visitors already, and Kijah is getting better at handling "intruders". She still does not like Bella (our other dog) around at all, but she doesn't mind human visitors as much. :) Some of the puppies have been sitting up (like what a dog does when you tell it to "sit") and some of them make the occasional bark, instead of the normal puppy cries. So over all, they are gaining weight and growing quickly. I just gave them their first deworming dose this morning, which they'll have again at 8 weeks, and perhaps in between, too.

Two weeks old! Photo credit: Sarah Stroink
These are not posted in birth order, as I didn't record that. Some puppies were nice and sat still, and others had a mind of their own and wiggled all around. Even puppies have different personalities. ;)

Puppy #1

 Puppy #2: This one is Sarah's favorite. ;) Isn't she cute? :D
She's the darkest female, and she has the brightest white star on her head from Toby.

 Puppy #3

Puppy #4

Puppy #5: This is the only one who has a straight ridge of hair that runs up her nose. 

Puppy #6

Puppy #7

Puppy #8 (and me): This one's my favorite of the litter. 
He's also one of the two biggest and darkest males. I think he'll turn out the color of Toby. 
No, I don't intend to keep him. ;) My dad calls him Tobias (after Toby). :)

Puppy #9: This is the squeaky little princess. 
She's the runt of the litter, but she's growing well. 

Puppy #10: This is the other big male. He's almost a white color.
Sarah calls him "Mr. Chunk". :)

Which is your favorite puppy? 



  1. Love the update, Kal! And I think puppy #5 with the little ridge of fur on her nose, as well as Mr. Chunk, are pretty cute. :)

    And I love Sarah's puppy, too! (Though I think there might be an extra reason besides her looks for that one. ;)

    1. #5 is very huggable. :D And Sarah's puppy is extra special. ;)

  2. Kaleigh!!! You're puppies are absolutely precious. <3 I'd have to say my favorite is puppy #7. Puppy #5 and Sarah's are also very adorable. :D

    You must have such fun with them!

    1. Elizabeth!!! Thank you for commenting. :D I'm glad you like them; they are tons of fun, and I'm sure they will provide lots of fun for you guys, too. :) <3

  3. Nice video! :D I think my favorite puppies would have to be Puppy #4 and Puppy #7 and Puppy #9--they're all pretty cute. :) Mr. Chunk is an adorable name! :D
    They look so sweet and you guys are taking great care of them! :)

    1. Aw, thank so much, CG! They are all very sweet, though some of the males don't like to be held as much--they're more active, and would rather wiggle around than be held. :P I wish you could come over and see them in person! :) <3


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