Thursday, June 19, 2014

Toby + Kijah =

Remember the puppy poll post I did two years ago? Well, that puppy, Kijah, has had 10 beautiful puppies so far this morning, starting around 6am until about 10am (though she might have more). It's gone very well, and it will be so exciting to watch them grow up. Kijah is a very happy, exhausted, and a bit obsessive mother (in a good way!), and she did a fabulous job with each of them. There is a wide range of color from dark brown to beige. I like the dark ones best. ;) They're quite active, and they all sound like little seals. I'm sure you'll see more pictures here and there, but I'd just thought I'd post a few now. :) Enjoy!


  1. Oh, how precious! The tiny puppies are so cute, and your mother dog Kijah is a beautiful dog! :)) must be so lovely.

    By the by, last Thursday, my blog, Fullness of Joy had its 3rd birthday :). To celebrate the event, I am hosting a blog-party of "special magnificence" throughout the week, and as a cherry-top icing a fun giveaway for three winners to end it all. It will be a week long tag series, with every day or so I'll be making different literary-themed topic tags, about different genres such as the classics, fantasy, mystery, children's, etc . . which everyone can join in with. And I am dearly hoping you would - it would thrill me very much and also it should prove some fun, I think :)

    Today's topic is "Historical Classics" :)

    I hope you join in!

    1. It is lovely, indeed. Puppies are so special, and I've wanted to do this for a long time.

      Thank you for the reminder of your blogoversary! Congratulations. I will definitely check it out. I can't promise to answer it right away, as my time is taken up with puppies, but it interested me greatly. I shall keep an eye out on it. If you don't mind, I might pick one and answer it, but it might not be on the same day you post it. :) Thank you for the invite!

  2. You're puppies are completely adorable!! Do you have names yet? Very excited for you, Kaleigh!!

    Lizzy M

    1. I don't have names, yet, no. I have a feeling their new owners will want to choose a name, so I'm not really getting attached to any of them. I'm excited, too! And I'm glad I can share the excitement with you all. :D


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